JUSDA helps automotive manufacturers and suppliers optimize their supply chains from end to end. In the automotive industry, there is a continuous market pressure on costs, fluctuations in demand and the need to meet various standards. Your supply chain and internal production facilities need to perform at the highest level, while cash flow has to remain positive. We utilize continuous improvement practices  for sourcing, manufacturing, aftermarket logistics with a focus on inbound production logistics.

Supply Chain Optimization

JUSDA has developed flexible and global solutions for manufacturers in the automotive industry, based on our core competencies. Our experts provide you with full visibility, coordination, and innovative network design to help optimize your logistics operation.

Contract Logistics

Our range of services are tailored to the specific business needs of automotive companies. Our core contract logistics services in the automotive field include warehousing, distribution and supporting your processes such as order management, stock control, and co-packing.

Freight Forwarding

Efficient goods collection and delivery is essential for your business. As a global logistics provider, JUSDA offers tailored solutions for all transport modes, including automotive production line shunting. And our focus on quality, visibility and anticipation, and cost optimization ensure your goods reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.

Value-Added Warehousing

JUSDA's warehouse solutions include value-added services which start with products assembling and set preparation before dispatch. We have years of experience with designing customized consolidation and distribution operations for just-in-time delivery.