JUSDA is highly recognized for its expertise in the consumer electronics field. Over the years, we have been honored to serve many prestigious brands such as Apple, Cisco, Amazon, and Google. Partnering with us means working with an expert that has more than 17 years of experience in the dynamic and complex high-tech electronics industry.

Deep knowledge of high-tech industry

As a member of Foxconn Group, we have in-depth expertise and know-how in the high-tech electronics industry. In that time, JUSDA has provided services for the largest multinational companies operating in the electronics industry. We are the professional and reliable choice.

High-quality technology and security

JUSDA has well-established logistics centers around the world in North America, Asian, and Europe. Together, they can give you a key advantage to your business: quick delivery world-wide. In addition, all our warehouses are secure and ready to meet any potential challenge.

Sensitive technology handling

Thanks to its years of experience in the sensitive high-tech industry, JUSDA knows exactly how to handle sensitive technologies. We have gained this experience by working with well-known high-tech companies, and our experts are ready to apply it to your needs.

Extensive experience in Europe and Asia

JUSDA has years of experience working in the Asian market and can guide you on best practices for accessing the region. With us, you can quickly connect your business in the United States to Europe and Asia easily and cost-effectively.