Our Solutions

JUSDA offers clients one-stop supply chain management solutions, including transportation, warehousing, distribution and more. In addition, our value-added services help manufacturers bridge the gap with brand owners, distributors and clients. At JUSDA, our goal is the creation of a complete, close-looped supply chain ecosystem for our partners.

Global Solutions

JUSDA is a leading global supply chain solution provider that focuses on transnational commerce for our global clients. With over 155 service offices, 2 million square-miles of warehouse space, and 110 cross-board transfer centers worldwide, we have you covered wherever you need.

North America Solutions

Our North American operations offer mature solutions for warehousing, transportation, and eCommerce fulfillment for all industries. Need a more reach? JUSDA also helps U.S. made products get better transported and distributed around the globe. 

Value-Added Services

JUSDA offers a wide range value-added services to help you achieve a seamless product flow, including: supply chain finance, customs brokerage, inventory optimization and more. We realize not all services may be right for you, so we custom-tailor solutions specific to your needs.