On August 7 the United States Trade Representative published the final implementation date for the Section 301 List 2 tariffs which were previously announced back in June. The effective date for List 2 will be August 23, 2018. This list included 284 HTS tariffs and will affect approximately $16B worth of US imports from China. However after the public comment period, 5 HTS numbers were removed from List 2:

  • 3913.10.00 – Alginic acid
  • 8465.96.00 – Splitting, splicing or pairing machines for wood, bone and other materials
  • 8609.00.00 – Intermodal shipping containers
  • 8905.90.10 – Floating docks
  • 9027.90.20 – Precision slicing tools for microtomes

The USTR will likely announce a process to request exclusions from List 2.

List 3, which covers over 6,000 HTS lines and $200B worth of imports, is still within the public comment period. List 3 is expected to be implemented in October.

Any imported Chinese products which fall under List 1, List 2, or List 3 (when implemented) will incur an additional 25% duty rate. To find out which HTS numbers are affected, use JUSDA’s free Section 301 Checker.

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