Search based on partial HTS

JUSDA SCM, the supply chain management platform for the Foxconn Technology Group, has created a free tool to check whether Harmonized Tariff Numbers fall under the USTR’s Section 301 trade actions.  As of August 6, there are 11,384 tariffs that fall into 3 lists with different implementation timeframes. Timing of increased duties will depend on trade negotiations between US and China. To effectively plan for increased landed costs, US importers need to identify which of their products fall into the three lists:

  1. Section 301 List One (USTR Annex B): Duty rate of 25% which became effective on July 6, 2018
  2. Section 301 List Two (USTR Annex C): Duty rate of 25%, pending confirmation date
  3. Section 301 List Three (Proposed): Duty rate of 25%, pending confirmation date.

JUSDA’s Section 301 Checker is available at Importers can look up specific HTS numbers or perform partial searches as shown below:

Check for a specific HTS

Search based on partial HTS

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