Over the last 8 months, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Wisconsin working on projects/discussions/plans that revolve around America’s Dairyland.  You see, I’m a Director at Jusda Supply Chain, the Corporate Logistics Division of Foxconn, and we’ve embarked on a project that has the potential to change the path of Wisconsin families for generations.

While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting people and conducting demos, that’s not what I am the most excited about.  The single-most impactful opportunity was the invitation to join the Intermodal Subcommitte of the Wisconsin DOT’s Freight Advisory Committee(FAC) !!!!!

Say what?  Seriously??

While that may sound boring to some, I’m a huge freight-geek, and the chance to be on the front lines of this battle is right in my wheel-house. This subcommittee consists of public and private sector representatives and has been tasked with generating real-world freight volume data that supports bringing additional shipping options to Wisconsin.  Intermodal shipping facilities haven’t existed in Eastern Wisconsin since 2012.

I hear the naysayers now….what are the benefits?  It doesn’t affect me, why should I care?

The benefits to businesses and shippers in Wisconsin are better service, fewer delays, more control, and lower freight costs.  As it stands now, most inbound rail shipments ramp in Chicago, and are then trucked(via draymen) to their final destination inside WI, (with the opposite order for WI outbound shipments.)   This means there are hundreds of trucks currently on the road EVERY DAY pulling containers into/out of Chicago…..causing traffic, creating CO2 emissions, keeping drivers on the road, etc.


Additional intermodal ramps in Wisconsin can help on all of these fronts, and will create new jobs to boot!

While I’m only a lone freight-geek shouting into the abyss, I’d appreciate your help if you’re a business or a shipper inside the state of Wisconsin.  Please complete our Freight Survey to help generate a freight heat map that shows inbound and outbound Wisconsin freight volume.  This data will be kept anonymous if you wish and will also be protected as a trade secret .

Well, what are you waiting for??? Do it today!!!!!


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